Reliable ship-to-shore communications for more efficient maritime operations.

From sea to shore, you need reliable connectivity. Solutions based on satellite communication products enable fishing vessel monitoring and help to increase offshore communications to and from vessels, so you can monitor and manage your fleet anywhere. Vessel tracking systems also improve vessel security, while cost-efficiently enforcing fishing or border regulations.

  • Use GPS location data and periodic check-ins to identify emergencies and guide rescue operations
  • Install panic buttons to improve crew safety
  • Send real-time weather and safety alerts to boats at sea
Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Collect vessel performance data and ensure working at peak efficiency and complies with any environmental regulations
  • Install fuel sensors to enable fuel optimization and reduce costs
  • Connect to onboard information technology (IT) systems and exchange forms, emails, or files with shore systems. Integrate information gathered on vessels with onshore office to reduce paperwork, increase visibility and improve business efficiency
  • Reduce shipping cycles with e-docs
  • Transmit detailed catch reports in near real-time to improve business processes
Regulatory Compliance
  • Use polygonal geofences to define and enforce fishing and border regulations
  • Comply with Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulations that require vessels to report their location at least four times a day
  • Send required forms, logs, and files from the vessel to port authorities
  • Comply with Ship Security Alert Service (SSAS)